Friday, February 24, 2017

State Government Free Mammogram

Mammo Penang

Valid for Penang female residents
Free breast ultrasound (35 - 40 years old)
Mammogram (40 and above)
Original IC is required. Terms and conditions apply.

Please contact 017-449 0096 or BP Diagnostic Centres below for appointment or further details:

BP Diagnostic Sdn Bhd, Penang
Suite G1 & G2
Menara Penang Garden
42A Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Georgetown
Tel:  04-229 2677

BP Diagnostic Centre, BM
Ground Floor
62-63 Jalan Aston
14000 Bukit Mertajam
Tel:  04-537 7889


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Colorectal Cancer Screening

iFOBT (immunochemical-based Faecal Occult Blood Test) community screening started in MOH health clinics since 2013.  It is available at government health clinics in Penang.

CRITERIA for Screening:
Age Group: 50 - 75 years old
Asymptomatic (pre-clinical state)
No family history
Health Clinics & Community (integrated / opportunistic screening)
Willingness to proceed with colonoscopy or further intervention
High-risk Group (with symptoms/family history) will be referred directly to Hospital for further assessment and management.


High Risk
Personal history of either polyps or colorectal cancer
Family history of either polyps or colorectal cancer
Personal history of inflammatory bowel disease
Family history of cancer such as breast, uterine & ovarian.
Average Risk
Asymptomatic individual aged over 40 years
Low Risk
Asymptomatic individuals aged less than 40 years and other than those listed above.

List of government health clinics in Penang:

Source:  Ministry of Health