Thursday, July 1, 2010

Issue-Based Skills Workshops

31 July 2010 - Oppositional Children:  Dr Downs will present a workshop geared toward professional counselling, schools and parents. The two most effective interventions discovered to date, Collaborative Problem Solving for parents and teachers and Reality Therapy for counsellors will be discussed. Participants will be able to voice issues and cases for consideration.

28 August 2010 - School Anxiety and Phobia:  Dr Downs has worked with anxiety and phobic disorders in clinical settings and with students for several decades. He will present the theory, stress inoculation therapy and model techniques with volunteers from the audience.

18 September 2010 - ADHD:  The field of management of Attention Deficit has advanced greatly over the last several years, with classroom, parental and counsellor interventions that greatly diminish both behavioral problems, need for disciplinary actions and sole dependence on medications. The integrated Adlerian, family systems, and cognitive behavioral model developed by Dr John Taylor will be presented and discussed. Workshop participants will be able to discuss concerns and issues to find direct applications of the model.

Issue Based Workshops