Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Managing Stress in Self and Others

A Community Mental Health Awareness Workshop

You are invited to attend a free half day workshop at Disted College Hall, Jalan Macalister Penang
“Managing Stress in Self and Others”
Saturday 12 January, 9.00 am - 1 pm

Facilitator: Lynn Leahy
Jointly organized by Penang Association of Counselling & Psychology with Disted College

Free admission. Freewill donations will go towards 'Together We Can Change The World' - a charity that is supporting orphanages in South East Asia.

Why are some people more susceptible to overstress than others?

It will be led by Lynn Leahy. Lynn is a successful international speaker who has spoken in over 20 countries, throughout Europe, Asia, in the USA, and Australia and New Zealand. She co-founded the Oakridge Centre, a successful international training business, based near Manchester in England. She has helped teams at every level in organisations and has won two awards with Vistage International for her work with CEO’s throughout the UK.

Lynn has a Master’s degree in the behavioural sciences. She is an accredited mediator and a trained relationship counsellor. She draws on a range of psychotherapeutic approaches in her work. Lynn’s success comes from her ability to offer complex theories about behaviour and relationships in a clear, practical way that everyone understands and can relate to.

The session will help you:
• Understand exactly what stress is (the biology)
• Explore how you and others can manage stress using a powerful model, the cycle of stress and distress.
• Understand certain beliefs that you and others can hold which could result in you stressing yourself.
• Understand some of the crucial skills and qualities that you will need, to help those you care about, manage overstress – enabling them to stay within their own stress optimum.
More information about Lynn’s experience/background: