Monday, January 11, 2016

Counselling Course 2016

Tentative schedule

Total Credit Hours:  34 hours

Course Work Requirements:  100%
2 tapes & transcript:  50%
Illustrating basic counseling skills in the context of a chosen counselling approach.
Journal:  50%
A record of personal awareness and response to each session.

Examination:   1 hour 30 mins
Section A:  30%
30 compulsory questions
Section B:  40 %
Counselling Theories & Counselling Skills
Structured/Essay Questions
Section C:  30%
Final tape & transcript of a complete interview illustrating all skills learnt within the context of a chosen counselling model to be submitted on the day of examination.

Minimum of 50% required for course work & 50% for examination to meet minimum course standards.

Attendance:   90% attendance required to meet certificate of attendance requirements.
Registration fee:   RM300.00

For registration/enquiries, please email Nor at  <>
Maximum 30 participants.