Thursday, February 2, 2012

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet and regular adequate physical activity are of major importance to preventing cancer and maintaining good health throughout life.

The World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research (WCRF/AICR) recommendations for Cancer Prevention include:
  • Be as lean as possible without becoming underweight
  • Be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day
  • Avoid sugary drinks. Limit consumption of energy-dense foods (particularly processed foods high in added sugar, or low in fibre, or high in fat)
  • Eat more of a variety of vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, and pulses such as beans
  • Limit consumption of red meats (such as beef, pork and lamb) and avoid processed meats
  • If consumed at all, limit alcoholic drinks to 2 for men and 1 for women a day
  • Limit consumption of salty foods and foods processed with salt (sodium)
  • Don’t use supplements to protect against cancer
Special Population Recommendation
  • It is best for mothers to breastfeed exclusively for up to 6 months and then add other liquids and foods.

Source: UICC WCD.
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