Thursday, February 9, 2012

Professional Development Workshop 3

Professional Development Workshop 3
'Re-visiting the First Session: six areas of exploration for individual, couple and family clinicians - and one for the second session!’
2 April 2012, 9am – 4pm
Disted College, Macalister Road, Penang
by Dr Barry Mason

Dr Mason is the Chair of the Advanced Programme in Family Therapy Supervision at the Institute of Family Therapy in London and also co-Director of the Doctoral Programme in Family Therapy in association with Birkbeck College, University of London. He is also a former Director of the Institute. He has a private clinical practice and is a consultant in family therapy to a number of mental health clinics. He has published many articles in journals and is the author/co-editor of four books. He has a great deal of experience in doing therapy with adolescents and their parents and has also worked with adolescents when he was a teacher - his first qualification. Dr Mason has been a regular visitor to SE Asia in the last 15 years, mainly reaching in Singapore. This is his fourth seminar in Penang.

In this workshop Dr Barry Mason will discuss the areas to explore in the first session as part of the engagement process and the establishing of a mandate for work. He will will present each of the areas and how they are developed in the first and subsequent sessions. Each area will be illustrated with examples from his clinical practice and use will be made of cases from workshop participants.

The six areas are:
  • Exploring the relationship with help and the expectations of what kind of therapist/clinician they want.
  • Exploring and understanding the 'logic' of the presenting problem
  • Exploring family and cultural scripts/beliefs in coping with adversity/coping with difficult times in life
  • Patterns of giving and receiving feedback - the influence of family of origin and culture
  • Ascertaining and exploring the level of relational risk-taking (I will introduce three levels)
  • Exploring the clients' core beliefs (eg culture, religious) about how they should live their lives. "What are the stories/principles/beliefs about the right way to live your life that you have picked up from your family and cultural history."

These could be linked to specific examples presented by workshop participants who are working with families with oppositional teens - including one specific case to do in detail.

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