Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anger Management Programme

Anger Management Programme (Individual and Group): 'Turning Anger Into Power'
Anger is a normal human emotion. It can be caused by anything from a friend's annoying behavior to worries about personal problems or memories of a troubling life event.

Martin Luther King said: "When I am angry I can pray well and preach well".

When handled in a positive way, anger can become positive energy that motivates people to achieve their goals and bring about changes in life. On the other hand, anger can lead to violence and injury when not addressed positively. Some people choose to ignore or bottle up anger, but this approach may actually cause more harm because the root problem is never addressed.

Children and young people who lack the appropriate skills to manage their anger often struggle in their interpersonal relationships.

This programme is for children and young people aged 5 - 18 to learn and practise anger management skills through creative arts activities such as role play, story telling, drawing, music, movement, drama. The skills will enable them to exercise self-control and stay calm in different anger provoking contexts.

1. To enhance participants' abilities to identify, assess and monitor their anger by helping them to understand the nature and expression of anger.
2. To enhance participants' self-control skills by reducing and channeling their anger into creative arts activities such as storytelling, drawing, music, movement, drama.
3. To enhance participants' abilities to stay calm in different anger provoking contexts by practicing specific relaxation techniques and role play.

Who Would Benefit
Children and Young People aged 5-18 who wish to enhance their anger management skills and interpersonal relationships through creative arts activities.

For group programme, participants will be grouped according to their age, e.g. participants aged 7-10 will be grouped together. Maximum 8 participants a group.

Venue: Penang Island and Butterworth.

Fee: Individual Programme: RM80/hour (Lower fee for Individual Package Programme).
Group Programme: 90 minutes/week, Max: 8 children, RM500/8 weeks.

Therapist Profile - Leong Min See, certified Play Therapist (Roehampton University, UK), MA in Special and Inclusive Education (UK, Netherlands, Czech), Reg. Member of British Association of Play Therapists, President of Centre for Creative Arts Therapy.

Min See has 7 years of experiences in providing creative arts therapy to children and young people in need (including Children and Young People with Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delay, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties) to increase their self esteem, strengthen their interpersonal skills and enhance their abilities to cope with anger, stress and anxiety.

Her work includes parenting work to enable parents to acquire positive parenting skills to meet the developmental, emotional, social and educational needs of their children and young people.

For inquiries:  Contact Min See at 012-585 7137 or

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