Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Neuro-dynamic Play 1

Date: 30 Nov - 3 Dec
Venue: Women's Centre for Change

Dr Sue Jennings will be in Penang to teach Neuro Dramatic play Level 1 on 30 Nov & 1-3 Dec.

Registration forms will be send to you when you confirm your interest to attend this workshop. The fees is tentatively RM450 for the 4 days workshop inclusive of lunch and training materials.

Do not miss this opportunity as Dr Sue Jennings is the only person who has the ability and capability to give this course. If you want to know more on Neuro Dramatic Play please read up the book:

Healthy attachments - neuro dramatic play written by Dr Sue Jennings.

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Healthy Attachments and Neuro-dramatic-play

"Neuro-Dramatic-Play and Healthy Attachments" breaks new ground in the areas of attachment and child development. Based on sound experience and observation, Sue Jennings consolidates current theories of attachment and therapeutic intervention; expands the often narrow view of what is understood by attachment; challenges the psychoanalytic ideas of child development and attachment and makes a strong case for early years adoption of arts and play therapies. The author has developed the new concept of neuro-dramatic-play that emerges in the second half of pregnancy and the first few months after birth. She explains how an understanding of this mother-child interaction, that is essentially 'dramatic' in nature, is crucial for developing a healthy brain, strong attachments and future resilience. This accessible text will interest all therapists and practitioners who work with children, including child psychotherapists, social workers, paediatric nurses, paediatricians, child psychiatrists and students of play therapy and all arts therapies.

Dr Sue Jennings will also be conducting Level 2 Neuro Dramatic play for participants who attended the Level 1 last May'12. You are welcome to attend Level 2. 

Seats are limited. Please contact Ms Priscilla Ho at for further details.